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An NPC from our dnd game.  Symond is a teenager that starts off unskilled and upset at the players' arrival and the praise they recieve for helping the outpost.  He trains with the other militia under the players and gains some skill.  When the party splits up to gather allies for the Orc war that is coming up he marries one of the members of the barbarian tribe to form an alliance with them. (none of the players wanted to marry any of the barbarians so they had him do it) He goes on to lead the barbarian forces in the Orc War.
Selissa is an npc who wears a veil to hide that she is a half-orc.  She was dealing with the normal treatment of half-orcs and was saved by the party.  She helped them gain access around troop deployments during the Orc War and navigated the terrain.  She was going to ask the party's druid for a reincarnation to change race, but that player dropped out and so did that plotline.
Theodos was one of the ancient Asari that got petrified by a Medusa long ago.  He is the mage in charge of watching over Ingrid.  During his time being petrified his left arm was ate off by a Basilisk.  Eventually he is able to combine elven, dwarven, and gnome technologies to create a bracer that goes on the stub of his upper left arm that allows a magic limb to come out from the device.  


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Yea, the only things I've drawn recently though are of characters from the DnD game I run.  I'll be posting some things from that later.
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